WMS Summer School 2014



The Last Day

Our restaurant was a hit! It was lovely to see the families & staff come out to support the kids in all their hard work. The kids definitely were busy seating, serving, & cooking. They raised $68 to buy something for WMS (the final decision of WHAT to purchase will be made the first week of school). It actually sounded like a real restaurant in the kitchen: “Where did you put the ticket!? What table do I need to deliver this? What type of dressing did they want? Who got the drink order?”

After we fed the families, summer school students (& teachers!) got to eat, and oh boy, it was yummy! I don’t think I’ve ever worked in the kitchen with a group of more on-task students. They really wanted a meal they could be proud to serve. When the food was over, we gave out awards to all the students. Special awards were Perfect Attendance and Shining Stars… it turns out the four students that won Shining Stars also won Perfect Attendance. Kinda reinforces the concept of “showing up is half the battle.” However, each child got recognized for a “shining moment” they had in summer school. Four weeks of summer school… we did it! Now, who is ready for an amazing school year? 🙂

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AVID Reading

One of the AVID strategies we used in summer school is the one-pager. AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college prep program for students with all the potential for college, but are at high-risk for not attending due to factors out of the student’s control. In attempts to promote higher order thinking, AVID has strategies that teachers can incorporate in the classroom. The one-pager focuses of visualization, author’s word choice, & connections. Our students created one-pagers for our summer school novel, Divergent by Veronica Roth.

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Work Hard, Play Hard

Our summer school motto was “work hard, play hard.” For the kids in summer school, we had some serious goals: writing essays, mastering basic grade level math skills, and reading a novel were things we needed to do in order for students to feel successful in the next academic year. However, we also wanted to tag other skills we knew students needed to be successful… the restaurant project allowed for team work, research, and breaking a long-term project into timely steps. In order to stay motivated along the way, we had built in breaks & Thursday award time. We gave prizes to our Shining Stars & we all got a sweet treat. I think the watermelon was the class favorite.




The kids designed a table cloth for our restaurant doodling things about themselves, our school, and the book we have read this summer… Divergent. In addition, the kids created beautiful invitations to invite their families to join us for our restaurants grand opening on Thursday, July 31st at 11am. Beautiful work… I love all the color & creativity! 

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Learning is a Team Effort

Today our math lesson was collaborative. I loved the team approach of two students teaching a whole class lesson. When one young lady called out, I don’t know how to do this part, before I could explain to her what to do, another student said, “I can show you!” For me the BEST part was when the kids showed me a new math skill. I had a huge ah-ha moment, solved a problem on the board, and the students all congratulated me. One even said, “I think you would make a great math teacher, Mrs. Graham.” Learning is fun! 

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